Reports, Fact Sheets, Promotional and Educational Materials

Organizations and businesses have important information to convey to their constituencies—facts that can guide pivotal choices, data that can change the world.

But getting that information to the people who need it isn’t always easy. Experts sometimes struggle to communicate what they know. And an Officer-Joe-Friday, “Just the facts, Ma’am” approach can often bring audiences more questions than answers. 

That’s where I can help. Turning information into compelling stories, into strong, accessible narratives that engage audiences, is one of the things I do best. Whether these narratives condense technical data into actionable reports for legislators or teach low-literacy jobseekers about the burgeoning opportunities in the field of green jobs, the reports and fact sheets, educational and promotional materials I write and edit turn specifics and statistics into something bigger: Information audiences can use to understand the circumstances they find themselves in, analyses they can wield as they build a better world.